What’s new in Castle, Feb 19 2019

By Ben Roth // 2-19-2019
Hello! There is a new version of the Castle desktop client available for Windows and macOS. Head over to castle.games to download it. There are several large updates this time around. Here are a few we’re excited about:

Castle looks different

If you’ve used any previous version of Castle, you might notice that this one has a different appearance.
The updated home screen in Castle
We also have this cool logo now:
It’s a Castle
You may have also noticed that we changed to a fancy new domain, castle.games. Our old one still works.

Chat with other Castlers

Castle now includes a chat channel so you can talk to others who are making and playing games. We’re proud of our community and are looking for more people to join us, share their work, play together, or just hang out. Come say hi!
If you send a message to our global chat, anybody using Castle can see it. We’re also working on adding smaller chat groups, such as multiplayer server chat, for a coming version of Castle.

Add your games to your profile

Last month we announced support for Castle Project Files to add metadata to your games. In the latest version of Castle, if you upload your game's code somewhere, you can register the Castle Project File, and we'll add it to your profile.
Click the “Add Your Games” button and see what happens.
To get started, read our full tutorial on adding games to your Castle profile.

Castle has documentation now

We’ve rounded up a few of the most important topics for making Castle games, and written tutorials and reference docs about those topics:
We expect to add many more articles in the coming weeks. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about.

Added a background api, fullscreen, and better control over multiplayer client routing

  • You can use castle.setIsAcceptingClients() in your multiplayer server code with share.lua to tell Castle whether to add new players to a given server. [source]
  • We added a Lua callback you can implement to detect whether your game is in the background. As long as your game is backgrounded, we will periodically call castle.backgroundupdate(dt) and stop calling love.update(dt).
  • We added early support for fullscreening games in Castle. Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + F to enter/exit fullscreen.

We fixed some more things

  • Fixed an issue opening certain file paths on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where Recent plays weren’t saving properly between restarts of Castle. Also, we started synchronizing your Recent plays between all devices that use Castle, if you log in.
  • Fixed an issue where Castle’s Edit Profile screen could become unresponsive on some machines.

You might get logged out when you update

We performed an account migration, so you might get logged out when you start the new version. Let us know if you’re having any problems with your account.
Thanks for reading! Please download the newest version of the Client from castle.games and let us know if you have any feedback. See you online!
For more updates, check out our changelog from January 22.