The Castle Manifesto

We believe in the following ideals. Although we’re just getting started, we have large ambitions and hope that you will share and help us promote these ideals.

This is a living document. We don't think it's perfect, and we expect to learn as the community grows. Parts of this document will tend to change as we encounter new circumstances that improve or clarify our understanding.

Creators should be empowered to make money from their art.

A few game makers earn a lot of money. A few more scrape by in small studios. Many others rely on day jobs. Existing marketplaces and funding models don’t generate enough revenue to change this distribution. This environment can force creators to monetize their games in ways that don’t align with their artistic vision. We believe motivated creators deserve the ability to do their work without compromising their art.

Games are better with other people.

It's more fulfilling to create games and play games when there are others to take the journey with you. The Castle community is built on the shared storytelling experience that games provide.

Community members deserve to be safe.

Everybody using Castle should be able to present themselves without fear. Everybody using Castle should be able to present their work without fear. While well-intentioned freedom of speech is valuable, harmful behavior is intolerable. Castle and its community will proactively remove harmful people and harmful content.

Playing games is fun; uploading and downloading games is not fun.

Creators need a simple, efficient way to market and distribute their games to a wide audience. Likewise, people must be able to play games without struggling to obtain the game. The current model of game distribution creates needless friction around downloading, installing, compatibility, and payment incentives, which doesn't serve players or creators well.

Everybody with an idea deserves to make games.

Game making should be accessible. Anybody who is excited to express themselves should be able to begin working on a game. Although making games takes skill, the entry gates should be unimposing and the path should be obvious.

Games of all sizes have value.

Huge games are inspiring, but can be difficult to finish. However, both big games and small games are rewarding for the creator and the players. A supportive community and well-designed tools can help encourage creators to pick projects that suit them, and can also help them all the way to the end.

The best creation tools foster self-expression.

Creators possess a breadth of powerful emotions and ideas. Good creation tools, and their communities, enable personal style and self-expression rather than restricting it. We celebrate skill-mastery, emotional depth, and authentic, human design.

The best creation tools promote experimentation and newness.

Innovation moves the art form forward, and we are excited when we discover new things we cannot categorize. Castle can empower people willing to bend genres and expectations.

The best creation tools enable teaching and learning.

Learning how things work is cool, and creations have the power to inspire new creators. The community is better when people share details of their process and journey, and when they are enouraged to open source their work. The community is better when we encourage remixing and modding (with ample credit given to the originator). Castle can enable these behaviors.

People decide what is fun.

Big corporations don't decide what is fun. Influencers don't decide what is fun. The future of gaming, and all interactive media, is democratic. People create whatever they want and they play whatever they want because they personally feel that it's fun. The Castle community has the power and responsibility to reinforce this momentum.

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