By The Castle Team // 2-25-2019
Use these examples to bootstrap your Castle project.

lil platformer

A lil platformer with a bouncy lil cloud gal.

lil chess

A lil game of chess.

lil flock

A lil flocking simulation. Y'know, boids?

lil strategy

A lil real-time strategy game, featuring vegetables. Just as you'd expect.

lil racer

A lil racing game with an itsy lil racing car wow.

lil ribbons

A lil game about dodging scisso-- ouch!

lil space

A lil game about rocks EXCEPT they're in space.

lil adventure

A lil adventure where you walkabout a tile grid.

lil hoops

A lil hoop-shootin' game with those FANCY physics the kids are all on about these days.

lil runner

A lil duck running for the fun of it.
Want some ideas for what to do next? Read the making your first Castle game guide, where we'll learn how to draw a circle, print some logs, and move the circle around with the arrow keys.